Experimental Vehicle Engineering Ltd. 

Creating things that move you

Engineering all aspects of advanced aircraft

Experimental Vehicle Engineering’s contributors have developed some of the most advanced aerospace systems on the planet for companies like Boom Supersonic, Stratolaunch, SpaceX, ICON Aircraft, Bye Aerospace,  Scaled Composites, Boeing, and Aurora Flight Sciences.The materials, design tools, manufacturing methods, supply chain, and software methodologies are changing rapidly, and our team is at the forefront of those developments. 

Byron Young, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineer

Boom Supersonic, ICON Aircraft, Koenigsegg, Boeing


Will Barrett, A&P and Manufacturing Lead

Scaled Composites, Boom Supersonic, ICON Aircraft, Anduril, Volocopter, Anduril


Jeff Mullen, Aerospace/Software Engineer

SpaceX, Terran Orbital, Google


Advancing the state of the art

EV Engineering's engineers have successfully patented numerous novel concepts that provide valuable IP for the companies they've supported but also advance the state of the art of the industry as a whole. 

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